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Does size matter?

Yes, it does.

For example, it takes between three and four hours to brush, wet, wash, rinse, towel and blow dry, clip and file nails, and style the coat of a Saint Bernard.

However, it takes only one hour for a Boston Terrier.

The current condition of your pets coat also plays a major role in the amount of time and effort required to properly prepare your pet for grooming and styling.


Rates vary depending on size, style, breed and coat condition of your pet. Please call (405) 364-2275 to chat about our current rates.
Absolutely! The sooner you introduce them to the grooming process, the better chance they will learn to enjoy it. We suggest you bring them in every two weeks for a bath so we can begin a bond with them and become part of their family. Be sure your puppy has been properly vaccinated prior to grooming or boarding.
To file nails specialists use a rotary tool to smooth out the rough areas on your pets nails to make them snag-free and more round. To trim nails we use professional nail trimmers and cut them just above the “quick.”


Your pet must be current on both rabies and ___________ shots, as well as _____________.
There are many ways to pay at Bark On Main.

We accept:

  • Visa, MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Bank cards (personal/business)
  • Both e-checks and personal/business checks.
Some pets are more sensitive than others and we take their feelings into consideration. Our stylists will work with your pet and a grooming partner to help ease your pet into the process. If your pet does have a tendency to bite, a humane muzzle will be used to protect our stylists as well as your pet.


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